Security Services

Wye Security Solutions provide the answer. We supply smart presentable security operatives to work within your front of house office/reception area. Our unobtrusive staff will blend in with hotel staff to cover staff holidays or vacancies or to provide a longer term cheaper solution to your staffing issues. We also have operatives experienced in working on building sites, and temporary fixture sites set up for an event or concert and many more ,our experienced gatehouse operatives monitor cctv, staff, book in goods vehicles, and offer vehicle searching, if your site is vulnerable or goods are stored there, your peace of mind will be guaranteed with an on site security guard who will produce a detailed report of events during your absence .

Residential Security Teams (RST)

Wye Security Solutions can provide around the clock security for your home whether large or small. We can provide solutions, with an experienced team of operatives and provide 24/7 cover for your home, short or long term. Whether you are on holiday or business the peace of mind of knowing that your home or business is safe in the hands of a round the clock RST is invaluable. Wye Security Solutions offers that peace of mind.

Retail Security

Wye Security Solutions provide retail security guards, working under instructions from the store manager to act as a deterrent to shoplifters and reduce stock loss. We can also work on a temporary basis if CCTV or alarm systems are disabled for refit etc. satisfying insurance requirements. Ask about our store security and night security to keep your business safe at all times.

Vacant Property Inspections

Wye Security Solutions provides Vacant Property Inspection services to keep your empty buildings undamaged and unoccupied. Through regular patrols our team can send updates, act promptly on any issues and ensure your property remains undamaged. Vacant Property Inspections can be carried out when required to suit your requirements.